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Mission Statement:
Springbrook Community Association encourages and promotes opportunities for the unity and well-being of the Hamlet of Springbrook, through the unique relationships of community and heritage.

Vision Statement:
Honouring values from the past and present to the future . . . a unified community built on history, families and fellowship. Springbrook Welcomes You!

Values and Guiding Principles:
     Unity - to encourage fellowship and family within our community;
     Sustainability - to evolve as a community with respect for past, present and future;
     Integrity - to be accountable and responsible to community;
     Teamwork - to integrate community and collaborate with neighbours and
                       Red Deer County

Approved Annual General Meeting Minutes:
2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010

Springbrook Community Association ByLaws
(adopted in 2013)
Springbrook Community Association Incorporation 1996

Strategic Plan Goals 2010-2013:
1. To create, organize and expand programming for children and youth through recreation and social engagement;
2. To create a Special Events Committee that will continue existing events and create new events for the community;
3. To develop new projects according to growing needs in our unique historical community;
4. To build a multi-use Community Centre (MUCC);
5. To ensure that the Board will be actively committed and focused on the betterment of the community and the completion of the strategic goals;
6. To promote, recruit, expand and appreciate volunteering within the community;
7. To partner with other groups and neighbours in order to define the community's identity through respect and common ground;
8. To explore and identify new fundraising opportunities in order to promote the strategic goals, especially the multi-use Community Centre.

Board of Directors over past 23 years


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